Monday, September 10, 2012

first forage in browns bay

I have been reading a couple of inspiring NZ books on foraging: the 2012 full-colour Find it Eat it by Micheal Daly, which includes recipies from this travelling chef; & Gwen Skinner's 1981 Simply Living - a gatherer's guide to NZ's fields, forests & shores - which includes recipies, formulae for cosmetics, medicinal uses & lots of other interesting info.

I like what Micheal has to say on the subject:
"Wild food grows at its own pace: it evolves continuously to live in harmony with its environment. Once necessary for human survival,most of us have now lost the knowledge of how to gather & eat wild food.Many of the plants we know today as weeds (wild greens) are both edible & very nutritious. Most wild plants contain more nutritional value than does cultivated food."

Today Laurie & I dodged the spring showers & hunted around in a back alley near the beach - we found & identified several edibles with the help of the books, & brought home some onion weed.
This can be used in exactly the same way as spring onions - & tastes delicious!

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