Tuesday, August 7, 2012


An awful lot of stuff ends up in the landfill - a result of our "throw-away" society mentality.
Saatchi and Saatchi have branded New Zealand as "100% Pure" - yeah, right.
This is just some b/s dreamed up by CEO Kevin Roberts - this is the man who, by his own admission, often buys "Head & Shoulders Shampoo" - in spite of the fact that he has no hair. I cannot help but wonder if similar reasoning compels him to buy "Tampax" also?

Anyhow, join me on my adventures in the trash, as I haul out stuff to recycle, make into art, give away, and eat - yes eat.
Some 30% of the food grown in this "clean green" paradise goes to waste, from supermarket shelf to dumpster.
This in a country where people are going hungry and children are suffering illness caused by malnutrition through poverty and bad eating habits (aka McDonalds et al).
To kick things off, here's some tucker I found last night: 1.4kg bacon & 6 eggs - all still fresh & perfectly edible.
Note that the "best before"date on the bacon on the left is 25 August 2012 - in more than 2 week's time. The packaging may be slightly damaged - the store would rather throw this out (& claim insurance I guess) than sell it cheap.
Shame on them.
Bacon'n'eggs anyone?

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